Biro Drawings

at Painting of my Petby Jane Goodfellow

These drawings were done with a biro, which gives them an energy and immediacy that’s very appealing. (Yes, it can be tricky not being able to erase mistakes when you do biro drawing.) And as they’re far quicker to do than an oil painting, biro drawings appeal to the budget conscious! The choice of paper colour is up to you, but ideally it should be a pastel or subtle shade.

NOTE: For 2 subjects in a drawing or painting, the price increases by 75%; it won’t double. For extra subjects, add 50% each.
But speak to me about this! We will work something out.

biro drawings

A young Anglo-Arab, she is the pride and joy of a teenage girl who jumps her, hacks her, and is teaching her dressage. The drawing was a Christmas gift to her from her parents.
Approx 18″ x 12″

painting of my pet

Truffle is a tough little chihuahua with a mind of her own, and she finds people’s beds much cosier than her state-of-the-art dog bed. The drawing was a Thank You gift to her owner.
Approx 10″ x 7″

jane goodfellow

Don’t bother me, I’m trying to sleep!” I did this drawing for fun, because I liked the shape of the cat against the background. It is for sale – you’ll find it under For Sale in the menu above.
Approx 12″ x 18″


A gorgeous stripey tiger of a cat, he had just finished washing his tail, and settled for a nap. Another drawing I did just because he is beautiful, also in the For Sale gallery.
Approx 12″ x 18″


Ajax and Alex
My saddest commision: Two brave German Shepherds who were poisoned by burglars in Johannesburg. Their owner wanted a lasting memento of these beautiful dogs.
Approx 12″ x 18″


This little crossbreed stray is fearless and too good at hunting to be let off a lead, but is an effectionate pet. Here she models a jersey that matches her owner’s, which amuses passers-by no end. The drawing was a Christmas gift.
Approx 8″ x 12″


Sue’s Five
An old lab, a middle-aged golden retriever, and a young lab with their playmates. This ballpoint pen drawing was a surprise gift to Sue’s husband for Christmas – he was thrilled!
Approx 22″ x 32″


I loved drawing this cat – its feet look so beautiful I wanted to reach into the photo and give them a gentle squeeze. The drawing was a Get Well Soon gift for her mother.
Approx 12″ x 18″


This is one very special cat: Nemo won “Cat of the Year” in South Africa a few years ago, and one of the prizes offered by the Cat Club was this portrait. His cross look belies a very sweet nature!
Approx 12″ x 22″



water colours

oil painting

biro drawings


mixed media

pencil drawings

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